Sable tribe equalizer?

From: Joe Mills <>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 10:30:32 -0600

> I still haven't found a good way to increase the effectivity of the Sable
> tribe.
> They are seriously weak in combat, compared with Bison, Morocanth,
> and High Llama. Even with the +1 CF I give them they only barely hang
> on in melee, and their missile factors hardly help.
> Any ideas?

The only thing that comes to mind immediately is that the Sable tribe has the advantage of its herd animals being able to eat almost anything. How about making an allowance for that? Like, any hex NEXT to a fertile ground hex counts as fertile ground to the Sable tribe? That would increase their maneuverability.

The other possibility being that the Sables play a little more cowardly than normal and only enter into melee with the Impala, and only exchange missile fire with the Bison and Llama. Of course, any of the Four Great Tribes That Didn't Cheat can obliterate the Morokanth without even trying much.

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