Sable tribe equalizer?

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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 14:51:11 EST

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<< The only thing that comes to mind immediately is that the Sable tribe has  the advantage of its herd animals being able to eat almost anything. How  about making an allowance for that? Like, any hex NEXT to a fertile ground  hex counts as fertile ground to the Sable tribe? That would increase their  maneuverability. >>

I am not convinced of the actual bonus to be derived from this. I do not think it makes up for their lack of CF. OTOH, I also think that the support rules are not the best way to simulate the battle for pasture that is the "real" motive for the tribal warfare. (IMO). Not that I know what is, but I soemhow feel that their is a less wargamey game somewhere in there where alliances and peace treaties are more important than soul-winds and Oakfed.
(call me an Oasis Person or a Three Beaner if you want!)

Sable tribe equalizer - the Sabelizer!

Keith N
(of course when they are not allied to the Llama Nation they are a useless
bend of bendy horned bozos)

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