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From: Robert McArthur <>
Date: Fri, 01 Mar 2002 14:14:32 +1000

issaries wrote:
> Most importantly, I think that he can
> be a fun factor in any campaign that
> is set near the Upland Marsh. He has
> been a foe in the Greydog games I have
> played in or heard about, plus I believe
> that his realm is the best treasure hunters
> destination in the whole region. The amount
> of loot that is stashed amongst his ruins
> is mighty impressive and tempting. It
> represents the best dungeon crawl places
> in Sartar. On another level, Delecti
> can be a great foe in Heroquests. Any
> time the forces of the EWF, Undead, or
> a liche or vampiric type of foe would
> come in handy then Delecti or his forces
> could play a part as a the villain in the
> story arc. He's been creeping around for
> about 1000 years. He's had lots of time
> to get up to all sorts of mischief.
> One of the more recent developments
> in his possible history is that he used to
> travel more widely, pretty much all over
> the EWF. That certainly widens the scope
> of where he could interfere next...
> Just because he disappears for long
> periods of time doesn't necessarily
> mean that he is hiding in the Marsh...

Rick has a good point about 'treasure' that Delecti has. Perhaps we can add some treasure - a la the Dwarf - with Delecti. Makes it more interesting to visit him. Off the top of my head, how about:

"Delecti can be allied in the normal manner. On any particular turn, a player has the choice of allying Delecti, using the normal emissary rules, and trying to gain a EWF artifact. On attempting to gain an artifact use the following table:

  Role Result

If a player allies Delecti with their Banner in the allying stack, Delecti automatically allies (no roll required) AND brings all EWF artifacts that have not been already gained by a player. These artifacts must stay with Delecti while he is 'alive' and allied. Should Delecti 'die' or cease the alliance, the artifacts remain and may be carried and used by any other unit."

Comments? Ideas for EWF artifacts?


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