Questions about NG

From: Stephen P Martin <>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 23:09:59 -0800

A few quick comments,

Yes, the full game does take a long time. One reason to concentrate on the other scenarios, and perhaps develop some new ones to put online? (Hint, hint.)

> << I give a slight nod to the Lunars as the stronger of the two main
> I used to agree, but we used to keep a tally of which side won and it
> remarkably similar.

Years of time and hundreds of playtesting sessions by Greg and friends resulted in a pretty well-balanced game. The secret -- victory conditions combined with battalia combined with the mapboard. And maybe some Luck/Fate thrown into the mix. :)
> << Regarding the neutrals, so far we've found ourselves pursuing the
Exiles and
> Androgeus most often. The diplomatic game often involves both of us
> Androgeus is my personal favourite, definitely the best ally for the DP

I have ALWAYS thought that allowing Androgeous to be allied was a mistake in the original game -- if you have two superheroes and your opponent has only one, pretty easy guess as to who will win. This is why my (eventual) structure of scenarios for the mixed games will only allow superheroes as starting parts of battalia, so that each side gets its own superhero.

> << I'd be interested in other peoples' thoughts on the efficacy of the
> diplomacy system, and the relative DP costs of the various neutrals.
> >>
> I think the Diplomacy part of DP is the most crucial part of the game.
> regular opponent was much better at it than me; he had better, more
> stategies that quite often caught me out. It was a real nail biter when
> Random Event about the Dragonewts wanting to ally comes up. If you get
it in
> the first turn (or early) you really have some head scratching to do. I
> went for them, got them but lost everyone else. The entire effort of
> enemy went on crushing my nest cities and because he had Exiles,
> Grazers, Beasts, Cragspider, pretty much suceeded.

I have always been bad at the Diplomacy stuff. :( And no comments from the peanut gallery!!!


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