Questions about NG

From: Stephen P Martin <>
Date: Fri, 1 Mar 2002 23:03:51 -0800

Hello All,

The ever astute Chris Ward is as astute as ever:

> >> 1. There are a number of spirits that say, "although this is a
> >> spirit, it may use spirit magic". Does this mean that the unit
fights in
> >> normal melee combat but its MgF fights in the spirit magic combat
> >> like most spirits? Does it mean that it also has the option of
using its
> >> MgF in a physical magic attack?
> >
> >Without looking at the rules, I seem to recall that this was the
> >yes.
> I'd always read this differently. I'd always played these were physical
> spirits and can attack in melee but can also use spirit magic. I never
> them use physical magic. I think Joerg is right in that it comes down
> whether the RF is underlined or not; if it is underlined then they can
> physical magic, if not then they can't and the physical part in their
> description refers to their ability to join melee, be hit by missiles

I misread the question -- it is indeed the case that they attack physically and/or with _spirit magic_, NOT with physical magic. Unless, of course, as Joerg points out, their RF is underlined.
> I also recall many folks used the Great Spirits magical abilities
> differently. I had them control their agents within their RF, but able
> use spirit magic versus adjacent hexes (just like Zola Fel with no
> does). I'm pretty sure Stephen didn't agree with this (except perhaps
> they have no agents under their control).

I did not agree with this, since it is not allowed for in the rules, first of all, and because that specifically was not my intent when I designed/redesigned these units for 2nd edition. :)
> Also I find it much easier to just use the agents as normal spirits
> when under the control of great spirits ie for wildfires they attack as
> part of melee and at that stage; shades attack during spirit magic
> whirlies do both of these; plagues attack during chaotic magic. I think
> stephen's intention was that they all attack during physical magic
> creating a new chaotic/spirit/melee division of physical magic. This
> in some ways feel nicer, but is too complicated (how often have you
> me say that, eh? ;-)) and less effective as they don't get to combine
> MgF/CF etc with other attacking units. Also done this way yopu don't
> to remember that they work differently when used as agents of physical
> magic and when found as part of a stack. Anyways I'm sure that is how
> are used in the email game.

Certainly, if all players agree to simplify the agents' attacks in this way, I would be the last one to say they are wrong. Even if they are. :)
> btw Steve, you wouldn't be interested in taking over running the Sables
> tht game, would you ? I had to drop out for domestic reasons but
> it is lots of fun and a good way to learn the game.

Pardon my Broo, but fuck no! I don't even have time to do my email nowadays, let alone play in the email game. Though I would dearly love to -- thanks for the offer.
> Sorry to muddy all this - Chris

Chris, the day you muddy a discussion will be the day that I manage to not get into a misunderstanding with someone over something.



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