Land of Thunder

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Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 13:48:39 -0800

Hi Wulf and Keith,

> >What ideas does everyone have?
> Go back to the WB&RM system and number of counters, so I can finish a
> game within one day.

Well, I'll be honest with you -- that isn't going to happen. I can tell you some things, though.

  1. One core rules system. The current thought is to take the core rules and put them in a single booklet. This would include all the combat rules, magic, magical leaders, etc. Each game would probably include this identical booklet.
  2. Stand-alone games. Each game would have a second booklet that included any rules unique to that game, as well as descriptions and special rules for all counters in that game. All scenarios would be self-contained.
  3. An additional booklet, or perhaps a CD-ROM, would include rules for combining the separate games into larger ones. This would be special rules, "unit conversions", and expanded scenarios.

If there are rules that are problematic, I'd like ideas. If there are new rules _that significantly add value to the game_, I'd entertain those as well. I do not plan to include each and every special rule. But, for example, rules for stampeding herds would be cool, as is the rule for disrupting the top unit of a stack if you don't do at least enough damage to eliminate it.

> > Now, if it turns out that we do have to have the DP map redrawn, then
> > certainly such changes would be more than appropriate. I imagine a
> > central hex of Kero Fin that is impassible, and cannot be entered by
> > unit except perhaps certain specific units; reducing some fortresses
> > being unfortified towns; adding a couple of holy places and ruins;
> >
> I didn't imagine I was talking about a thing that might be actually
> physically realised, more that it was just a concept that could be

Well, since it is likely I will be the one making such decisions, ultimately, this IS the place to discuss them! Might as well get the concepts down.

> I agree that Kero Fin seems more impassable than being "just" a
mountain hex, this is
> the sort of thing that an imaginary redrawn mapmaker might consider. I
> also make the various passes, (Harda, Intan, Dragon) more crucial .

Ah, yes -- absolutely!

> I guess I would need to read LoT more to figure out which towns needed

Well, get to it man! :)



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