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Hi Peter,

Elemental Demons -- yes, because of their unique nature, they may end up attacking twice in a turn, just as would occur. A more than acceptable alternative would be to change the rules such that the elemental demons work the same when used as physical agents as they would if a Chaos creature appeared at a holy place -- at the end of the physical magic phase, if the elemental demon has not been eliminated and its targets have not been eliminated, then the elemental demon must retreat. If it can't, it is eliminated.

> Ok guys, another question on Nomad Gods:
> The errata mention that the Magical Societies, rather than being
> doubled versus the appropriate elemental spirits, should be able to
> capture them as if they were a Magical Leader.
> There's a section on magical leaders in the rulebook, but I can't
> find anything on capturing spirits. Is that rule somewhere else?

Hmmmmm ... it _should_ be in, but I can't find it there.

Ah, there it is -- 7.16. The point here is that spirits are not captured by being eliminated, but by ending their turn in the same hex as a magical leader. This normally occurs at holy places, but can occur elsewhere.

An appropriate errata would be to add mention of this phenomenon in section 9.1, probably as a new subsection



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