Re: Rules comments

From: <(>
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 08:49:15 -0800

Hi Chris!

> It is a pity that the old archives of the group are offline as many fun
ideas were
> searchable there.

Graham ought to be able to get them up on the current list, since the other lists he hosts all have archives. I should have all of the messages, but the old archive (who had that?) files might still exist, too.

> We also had various versions of a very complex but fun random
> events table for NG that never quite got finished and housed on a web
site IIRC. The

Yeah, I still have all of those files. :(

> other thing I used a lot was the random place generator which Steven
wrote for NG. I

I did? Hmm, don't remember doing that. :)

> used it (slightly modified to add in a few more places, replacing
"doubles") at set up

Well, if I _did_ do it, the doubles were probably intentional.

> Hope everything is going well for you all. Cheers - Chris

Sorry to hear about your gaming collection and gaming life.



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