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Date: Mon Jan 16 19:38:40 2006


On Mon, 16 Jan 2006 09:42:27 +0000 (GMT) Simon Phipp <> writes:
> > And for those who own Nomad Gods, what is it like? I have haeard it
> > not as good as Dragon Pass, but any infoon the game wouldbe of
> The DP Master who I played NG with commented that having Spirits
> on the board was interesting, the gods were perhaps too powerful (we
> Superheroes to a 12!!CF normaly, going to 20 when Berserk), but there
were no

I like that idea, very much, though of course I'd want it to be 10/20, or 12/24, for consistency with normal changes when disrupted (i.e., some factor of 2).

> SuperHeroes in NG, so perhaps that was OK. Then he read the batallia
> piece desriptions in 15 minutes and slaughtered me in every game we

Just be thankful Tada wasn't in THAT game. :)

> Robert McArthur:
> > > Also, how did Cragspider come to posssess her great Fire based
> > > is that still part of Glorantha?
> >
says of
> the Great Darkness "She revealed her powers of fire and light at this
time, a
> terrible power much feared by her uz. She protected them from it." So.
> perhaps she gained them on her journeys back to the Underworld, when
> encountered Arachne Solara.

This is in part derived from the Broken Council material, which may have more detail. When I am digging out a couple of things, I'll try to remember to check it.

> Robert:
> > So, in short, I'd love to hear some other options! Instead of
> doubling,
> > maybe half again? Why should the counterattack be increased at
> all? Is
> > there a better way?
> One way we found useful was to attack the Superhero stack with magic
> hopefully to weaken the stack, then go in with archers, to disrupt any
> remaining non-SH units, then go in with a big hammer and try to destroy
> SuperHero and his remaining friends. You really need more than one
> attacking as well, with some Heroes in the stacks, adding their
> If you go with SH vs SH in the stacks plus a couple of other stacks
plus a
> magical/missile attack then you have a chance of killing the superhero,
> then hoping he/she doesn't come back.
> Alternatively, kill his/her best friend, preferably with a flying unit,
> better if stacked with the Travelling Stone, and then fly away out of
> for the rest of the game.

Also, try to get access to 2 or 3 WMD units (Crater Makers, Cragspider, Ethilrist and the Hound, etc.), then hit the superhero with them in successive turns, hoping that eventually he'll fail his heroic escape.

Again, I like the concept of wounds -- no matter how often the superhero escapes, if he takes a WOUND from a major unit, after 5 wounds he cannot return.

ALTERNATELY, for superheroes and heroes both, give them a decreasing escape roll. The first time they are killed, give them a 3/6 or 2/6 roll as normal. The second time they are killed, the roll is reduced to 2/6 or 1/6. The third death for a hero is permanent, as is the fourth for a superhero.

Doesn't solve the problem of killing them, but limits how many times you have to do it.


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