Hungry Jack

From: Chris Ward <cw67q>
Date: Tue Jan 17 09:25:17 2006

Hello folks,

Jikes, talk about Sartar Rising ! This list has just exploded :-)

I've not had time to read everything properly, but looking back at things now the main changes I'd make would be to junk the overly complex combat system & terrain bonuses for movement & combat, and start again with something much simpler. Ideally something that could be used with the old counters though.

There are way too many different terrain types for combat bonuses/travel minuses. Terrain could be classified into 3 general types in terms of game effect (other than counter specialities) as something like (and I mean something like, rather than exactly this):

I like having lots of specials for individual counters, to add Gloranthan flavour .But theses special options/rules should be ignorable so that the basic game could be played sraight without them. The basic game system should be completely streamlined and simplified.

 These can always be considered optional and ignored for a simpler game). But I do think the overall game system has to be completely streamlined and simplified

Just my 2c.

Have to run - Chris W

On 17 Jan 2006 at 17:50, Robert McArthur wrote:

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> wrote:
> > On the subject of eliminating units like Hungry Jack, what other units in
> > the game are worthy of deletion? Whose loss would not really be noticed
> > much? Twin Stars is one, for me, just because they can ONLY show up as a
> > Random Event (an event for which, I might add, Sartar does not have an
> > equivalent). BUT, because of their importance in Prax, I would want them
> > kept simply so they could be used in combo games with NG. However, I
> > would definitely make them simply part of the Lunar Battalia (along with
> > 3-5 other Lunar spirits, as well as adding 4-6 Sartar spirits and several
> > independent spirits, like Chalk Man), and remove them from the Random
> > Events Table.
> Oh boy, that opens things up. Well, I'd certainly change
> - chuck or substantially change hungry jack (why does it need a dragon
> for gawds sake?! Change it to "any major unit" and that would be
> a start)
> - hydra (or make her more useful if kept - I do like her but not very
> useful since she's out of the way and so slow. She does put a hole
> in Ethilrist should be appear though :-))
> - twin stars, not chucked but changed as you say above
> - grazelanders need something a little better than just the horse herds
> - puppeteers are rarely used/useful, take a lot of counters, yet I like
> them for ambience
> - delecti/zombies need substantial work. I'd keep them but do
> something(TM) with them
> - ethilrist is good - no change
> - exiles are OK - no change
> - cragspider becomes useful with the addition that the dragon can go
> anywhere once allied, but goes away if she dies
> - dwarf is good - almost always the pivotal point as the sides vy for
> the alchemical or at least the canon cult. I'd change one of the
> stone men to something else exotic/exciting
> - ironhoof needs a shaman counter or something
> - dragonnewts are OK (counterwise at least :-)
> - the barbarian horde (DP only) are usually a waste of time since it's
> 3-4 turns before they get towards the battle and, in general, it's
> mostly over by that time. Sometimes they're useful but they do take
> up a lot of counters that could be moved into a DP-NG combination
> pack and replaced with some other Sartar units (or at least let them
> deploy into the smaller sartar area from the start!)
> - thunder delta slingers seem pretty weak to me given their reputation
> - how about some juicy chaos for the lunars to ally/control from
> Snakepipe Hollow?
> These are the most obvious things I can think of vis a vis counters.
> I'd like to see more rules like independents transfering allegiance when
> something annoys them (like in WBRM when capturing capitals), and single
> indepedents which make a big difference but only last a short time (like
> burning the travelling stone).
> Rob
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