Hungry Jack

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Tue Jan 17 06:51:16 2006 wrote:
> On the subject of eliminating units like Hungry Jack, what other units in
> the game are worthy of deletion? Whose loss would not really be noticed
> much? Twin Stars is one, for me, just because they can ONLY show up as a
> Random Event (an event for which, I might add, Sartar does not have an
> equivalent). BUT, because of their importance in Prax, I would want them
> kept simply so they could be used in combo games with NG. However, I
> would definitely make them simply part of the Lunar Battalia (along with
> 3-5 other Lunar spirits, as well as adding 4-6 Sartar spirits and several
> independent spirits, like Chalk Man), and remove them from the Random
> Events Table.

Oh boy, that opens things up. Well, I'd certainly change

These are the most obvious things I can think of vis a vis counters.

I'd like to see more rules like independents transfering allegiance when something annoys them (like in WBRM when capturing capitals), and single indepedents which make a big difference but only last a short time (like burning the travelling stone).


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