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From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Wed Jan 25 11:35:27 2006

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> Having die roll charts for spirits might work, but easier to just define
> spirit cups. But then, you have to have a bunch of different spirit pots.
> Either way, it's messy. Limited to only a few scenarios, though.

I would prefer different Spirit Pots - it's not too much work, all you need is a bunch of plastic party-cups cut down. Certainly, you wouldn't want them in all scenarios.

> Sort of, yes -- something to make missile fire a bit more effective. But
> I still favor eliminating missile fire as a separate set of rules, and
> just use one combat results table for everything except Chaotic Magic,
> adding Disrupt and Retreat options to that table.

Would you still keep Missile Fire as a separate combat phase? At the moment, you have Spirit Magic, Physical Magic, Missile Combat and Physical Combat separate, it would be a shame to lose the Missile Combat Phase.

Chris Ward:
> Debatably sun domers should get some missile defence bonus if stacked on
> top.

They already double defending CF, that should be enough.

> Bison should definately loose their missile defense bonus, and Llama their
> vulnerability.

Well, if herds are more vulnerable to missile fire, then Bison and High Lllama both should be, as they are big targets and easy to hit. Rhinos should be less affected as they are tougher.

> This huge difference, IMHO, between DP and NG in game terms is the size
> of the support versus your own troops - the tribes are painfully small
> compared to the enourmous power of the spirits you can find.

But, because Nomad Gods has very few magicians, they use Spirits like magicians. In the Dragon Pass game, there are a lot more magicians and the smaller spirits will be less useful and less disruptive as they will be just another lot of magicians.

> the lack of magician units. I think that bringing such huge spirits into
> DP is a very dangerous move without some serious playtesting. I can
> understand small(er), more specific spirits, such as the spirit of
> movement, but I really worry about Oakfed, Malia et al.

Certainly, the Great Spirits would be difficult to justify as some of them are the equivalent in combat to SuperHeroes and do we want another 2 SuperHeroes in the game? But, there again, the Great Spirits are allied differently to normal spirits, so they could just be left out.

I wouldn't allow the Soul Winds in Dragon Pass, as they are Praxian in nature.

> Look at the
> current spirits - SoM and Twin Stars are the two I can think of
> immediately. Both are indivudally small and can be baked by the Red
> Emperor or tought Sartar magician. I'd like any added spirit to be of
> similar size, or at most be the subject of only one or two specific
> scenarios (but then there's the question why they aren't always
> available in the herowars - the main game 14/28 turns is supposed to
> give the players access to pretty much everything and I'd like to keep
> that feeling).

Well, most spirits in NG are quite small, certainly on par with the Spirits/Agents of magicians. The Great Spirits are something else entirely. I can't see a balance problem with using the minor spirits, especially if all sides have fairly equal access.

> I quite like simplifying it as well to one table. Any thoughts on how
> the new table would look?

You could just roll against the Missile Factor on the Combat Table, work out the casualties and then take them as Disrupted, or Eliminated if you have double the Defenders' CF. So, if you have a Missile factor of 12 and roll a 6, you have 12 CF worth to be Disrupted, allowing you to Disrupt two 6CF counters or Elimiate one 6CF counter. It's quick and easy.

Also, casualties could be taken from anywhere within a stack - missiles can be fired over the heads of close units onto further units.

Chris Ward:
> I'm with Rob as well. I think only the smaller spirit types should be
> available. Although no
> reason why someone can't make up on-off scens using malia or wild hunter
> etc.

If you were playing a combined game, using a big gameboard, then you could ally the Great Spirits and Prax and then move over to Dragon Pass and use them there.

> > My current thought is that support isn't required until the second turn a
> > unit remains in the same hex? Maybe?
> Too difficult to keep track of. Individual players can easily have a dozen
> or many more stacks
> in chap.

In fact, the nature of chaparral means that you are more likely to have more stacks spread out, so it makes bookkeeping a nightmare.

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