Re: Missiles/Spirits

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Mon Jan 30 13:17:37 2006

Simon Phipp wrote:
>>This huge difference, IMHO, between DP and NG in game terms is the size 
>>of the support versus your own troops - the tribes are painfully small 
>>compared to the enourmous power of the spirits you can find. 

> But, because Nomad Gods has very few magicians, they use Spirits like
> magicians. In the Dragon Pass game, there are a lot more magicians and the
> smaller spirits will be less useful and less disruptive as they will be just
> another lot of magicians.

True, but I see a huge difference when someone gets, say, the exiles. Now this is over, essentially, 4 magicians with one exotic. Those four magicians make a big difference (often). Saying that we're just adding a few magicians is, IMO, not a small change to the dynamics of the game!

>>the lack of magician units. I think that bringing such huge spirits into 
>>DP is a very dangerous move without some serious playtesting. I can 
>>understand small(er), more specific spirits, such as the spirit of 
>>movement, but I really worry about Oakfed, Malia et al. 

> Certainly, the Great Spirits would be difficult to justify as some of them
> are the equivalent in combat to SuperHeroes and do we want another 2
> SuperHeroes in the game? But, there again, the Great Spirits are allied
> differently to normal spirits, so they could just be left out.

I'm not saying not to bring them in, merely saying that how they're brought in (and leave!) is a serious matter which requires some playtesting to get right. Just adding them to the battalia, as summonable or whatever, is not a good plan!

> I wouldn't allow the Soul Winds in Dragon Pass, as they are Praxian in
> nature.

Agreed. There's quite a few like that and/or would be quite different in stature in dragon pass.

> Well, most spirits in NG are quite small, certainly on par with the
> Spirits/Agents of magicians. The Great Spirits are something else entirely. I
> can't see a balance problem with using the minor spirits, especially if all
> sides have fairly equal access.

Ah, but there's rarely "equal access" to independents - and that's some of the playing charm of the game. Also, adding magicians is very different to adding grunt units, or even special-effect (blank-RF) units.

> Also, casualties could be taken from anywhere within a stack - missiles can
> be fired over the heads of close units onto further units.

Hey - I like that. It makes missile units useful ;-)


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