Re: Nomad Gods 3

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Mon May 8 04:45:04 2006

Goihl & Fahey wrote:
> I also don't like the modifier. I'll not use it in new game. But, Chris, you'll probably get a minus for something else.
> Also, one can "use" chaos, without allying it. This is the normal Praxian way.

I've always thought this was akin to just "using" a gun: "Please sir, it just went off. I was just pointing it at them." Of course the mighty Bison, the only *true* Praxians, would never give in to chaos in any form. Chaos Morokanth will be dissolved and flung into the sky away from the true ground of Eiritha and the ways of Waha and Genert. High Llamas, so high you can smell them weeks away, will cower. Pygmies will again be but mud under our toes. The cowardly moon-lovers have had their sunrise. The ground shakes. The dust rises. The bison are BACK.

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