Using Chaos (OT)

From: Robert McArthur <rjmcarthur>
Date: Tue May 9 05:45:16 2006

Simon Phipp wrote:
>A bit off-topic, but using Chaos to defeat your enemies is a bit of a
>win-win situation. Your enemies will kill some of the chaos (definitely
>a WIN) and the chaos will kill some of your enemies (another WIN). If
>you have to use Malia to infect others with diseases, then so be it, as
>long as the Oases get cleaned up afterwards, no harm has really been
>done. Using Chaos against Chaos is even better and using it against
>the Red Moon is also pretty good.

Hmm. I see the ascendence of that view happening with certain leaders at certain times. Just like here there's always a "means versus ends" issue, almost always very polarised because of practicalities, I believe it happens on the plaines as well. Some tribal chiefs go one way and some the other. Those looking at 'ends' can accept your argument and use Malia et al. while the others can't.

Let's get Tada! back - the Lunars know how, they'll help us then we'll turn on them. No! we must do it our way no matter what. But we're not even close and if we move fast we can have him *now*. Patience, little grasshopper, or I'll chop you're bl**dy arm off. Calm Praxian negotiations :-)


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