Re: Nomad Gods start, turn 1

From: Simon Phipp <soltakss>
Date: Mon May 22 10:49:32 2006

Chris Ward:   

  > this is so great. I was worried about finding time for the game this time around, but now it has   > started I'm so excited and can't wait for the next turn report.

  Likewise, I'm enjoying it already - I miss playing Nomad Gods/Dragon Pass.   

> Yet again, I will be playing without a board set up. In fact discounting sad solitaires on rainy
> weekends, my games played without a board now outnumber my games played with.

  Me too, I'm using an A4 hex map and spreadsheet to keep track of things.    

  I don't play solitaires very often - I find that I always lose. Funny that, some people always win and I can't see how :-)   

> Thanks for taking this on again Daniel.

  Hear, hear.    

  See Ya    


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