Re: House Rules: Ducks v Beat-pot

From: <buserian>
Date: Wed May 2 17:30:51 2007

Hi All,

Hmm -- Simon/Stephen synergy alert -- when Simon and I start discussing the same topic here, it tends to start to explode. Someone tell us to take it off-line if we start to go overboard. :)

> > In fact, another good alternate rule -- if a best friend is killed,
> > makes a heroic escape, the owning player should be able to choose
> > the best friend comes back with the closest unit OR comes back with
> > superhero, no matter where the superhero is on the board.
> Another good alternate rule. It could also give someone a nasty

An alternative to this alternate is to ALWAYS have the best friend come back with the superhero, without giving the controlling player a choice. In other words, it could be a good way to eliminate a local threat if you are desperate -- either way, the hero will be out of your hair, though if he doesn't make the heroic escape you just pissed off Harrek. And, since the hero will end up with his or her superhero if killed (and escapes) anyway, it will make it less likely that a player will split the two up in the first place. Which seems more appropriate to me anyway.


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