Re: Roads

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Thu May 10 19:46:34 2007

Daniel wrote:
>But if you travel one major and later a minor then the next minor would be
>free. That is, a major counts toward the minor free hex.
Don't think I agree with that one. A major road only costs 1/2 to enter, so IMO it shouldn't give a double benefit like that. Or do the rules say otherwise somewhere?

Steve W wrote:
>Although primary roads ignore terrain, secondary ones don't (DP 6.1.2).
Daniel wrote:
>I just found the rules. It doesn't say anything about secondary not

Simon wrote:
>We played that travel along a road used road rules, whatever the terrain.
Yes, thanks gents. I've now worked out it's probably meant to be that way. Although 6.1.2 says primary roads ignore terrain, and significantly omits any such about secondaries, the bit about hexes (3.) says of secondary roads "cost 1 to enter along the road". So I guess that overrides any terrain. (Still maybe not quite definitive though, since other of those hex-descriptions are a bit woolly).

TTFN, Steve W

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