Re: Roads

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Fri May 11 00:02:07 2007

> Daniel wrote:
> How is that a double benefit?
> You travel a major, and then a minor - the next minor is free, just as if
> you'd travelled two minors. Nothing doubled.

Doing it that way, you'd get the benefit of the half cost move on the primary/major road AND of the 'two-thirds' cost move on the secondary/minor road. So it's double in the sense that you'd get two bonuses at once. In fact you'd move 3 hexes for 1.5 MF (so double in that sense too!) - which is as good as moving along a primary road for the whole distance, even when most of it was only secondary. I don't think that's right. (We are talking about the AH DP rules here, aren't we? Or am I getting confused with some newer/NG road rule I'm unaware of...?)

Steve W

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