Delecti (was Roads)

From: Steve W <steve_gb>
Date: Fri May 11 21:01:21 2007

> CJ wrote:
>> Do Zombies get road bonuses? Sadly I fear not, but worth a try! I'm on
>> turn
>> 13 of scenario 7 and faster zombies are my last hope!
> Rob wrote:
> nope (IMG).

It's true elsewhere, too. Sorry CJ.

> Rob wrote more:
> So the broader question is what can be done about Delecti?
Funny you should ask that, I only recently had a realization about Delecti: abandon that first Zombie and he can get somewhere much more interesting (and probably more productive, zombie-wise) a lot quicker. Wintertop in two, Wilm's Church in 3, Bagnot in 4... (Haven't had a chance to test this yet. Am I the last to realize this?) Would this help you, CJ?

TTFN, Steve W

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