Meta-Meta-Comment: the Sky

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 19:07:32 +0100 (BST)

Nick Brooke on Greg on the Sky:
> Greg is *very* hot on earthly celestial mechanics (especially
> from a mythic perspective), and is well aware that Gloranthan ones are
> different.

In at least partial support of this, I can testify that Greg talked knowingly at Convulsion 3D about the precession of the equinoxes (which Glorantha doesn't have -- I'm sure you were on the edge of yours seats), and I've earlier corresponded with him about Great Years (which it may or may not have, or have had). So he has a pretty good idea about these things, though whether the Multitudes he Contains necessarily are entirely reliable in how they talk to each other or not is another matter...

> He does want the movements of Lightfore through the constellations to
> "spell out" nightly myths, and is probably upset that, "scientifically"
> speaking (i.e. using an Ephemeris), this doesn't happen very obviously.

Doesn't it? I thought this happened using your model in a way he was pretty keen on. After all, Lightfore _does_ go through different constellations on different nights, with Polaris being the only fixed point.

Nick's Ephemeris Dome sounded pretty good to me, by and large, though I've never actually seen the prog running live and in the flesh, sadly. Aside from some handwaving about the Southpath, I don't know of anything Actually Wrong with it. My suspicion, without knowing what goes on in that brain of GS's, is that we've raeched the point of tinkering with it for the sake of it, and/or trying to satisfy yet more mutually exclusive objectives of Wouldn't It Be Neat If... I'd put summer/winter stars into this category, myself, especially if the only solution is going to be one hokily quite unlike the RW phenomena.

Having said that, I'd approve heartily if someone mercilessly pumped him about all this at GC-V (just think what good value the Lore Auction will be, with the Soft Great White North Dollar!). While finding out what you actually wanted to know is admittedly entirely unlikely, I'll bet you'll find out lots of other stuff in the process.


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