Re: Were-Ralph's Plea

From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 14:58:40 -0400

Were-Ralph asks:

> 1. How many human tribes are there in the Dragon Pass/Prax area (as on =

> the map in RQ2), What are they called, How are they distributed and how=

> do the cults fit into tribal life (etc!).

See the "Genertela Book" (part of the AH orange "Glorantha" boxed set) or=  =

the "Dragon Pass" wargame for an overview of this huge subject. There are=

around 24 tribes in the kingdom of Sartar: information on these is in the=

Australian publication "Questlines" (including census and tribal map), an= d
details on the Orlanthi way of life is in Greg Stafford's paperback "King=

of Sartar" (*not* a RuneQuest supplement).

Some information on the Tarsh Exiles is in "Tarsh War". Two recent issues=

of "Tales of the Reaching Moon" contained information and maps on Prax, issues #14 and #15. These included the nomad cults of Waha and Eiritha, which between them define tribal life. Much on the Grazelanders can be found in "King of Sartar" or c/o David Dunham's web pages.

> 2. Dragonewts. How to handle Player Character rebirth - surely this
> gives them a huge advantage over other (non-Dragonewt) PC's? Also,
> what is the deal with Dragonewt (i)cities (ii)roads (iii)temples?
> Dragonewts, given their apparent complexity, seem to have missed out
> on the information side of things in the books I have.

Dragonewt player characters, by definition, are "barbarians", outside the=

cycle of death and rebirth. They only die once, and don't come back. This=

is the way Chaosium have always treated them in house campaigns. A "real"=

dragonewt would be too bizarre and alien for any player to cope with: the=

race is just not like us in any comprehensible way.

A description of a dragonewt city is in "Elder Secrets", and a picture of=

the Dragon's Eye is in "Wyrms Footprints" p.39. Dragonewt roads are like ley lines: alignments of "plinths" (cf. "Apple Lane") between which the 'newts can travel at uncanny speeds. It would be hard to tell a Dragonewt=

temple from one of their latrines, hotels, or qrzumtls, given how much we=

know about the species (not much!).

> I believe Wyrms Footnotes #14 dealt with the race in depth, but try
> getting hold of any copy of WF these days!

Copies of WF are often sold at convention auctions, and #14 is one of the=

cheaper issues ('cos more were printed). A lot of the information is in the "Glorantha Book", booklet 5 of the Avalon Hill "Deluxe RuneQuest" boxed set, and also included in the more recent softback printing of the RuneQuest rules. More stuff on Draconic mysteries is in "Elder Secrets".

Much core info from other issues of WF (but *not* the Dragon Pantheon stuff from #14, alas!) is included in "Wyrms Footprints" -- and since this book of reprints was published, the bottom has dropped out of the Wyrms Footnotes auction market!


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