RE: The Glorantha Digest V5 #64

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 14:26:38 -0500

Peter M. sez:

>>>How would Rufelza find this useful in her quest to discover
>>Hmmm...but isn't this what she did to herself? Did she change herself
>>to fit into the world or change the world to fit her, or both?
>Discovery of oneself (which the Red Goddess did) is not the same
>thing as consciously deforming the world to fit oneself or oneself
>to the world (which the God Learners did).

I'm not sure I am convinced. You imply that the RG stumbled into becoming a god, while I imply she was a determined individual shaping her own destiny/identity. I think what she did was closer to GLism than you. Could you explain yourself better?

Peter as sez:

>>For example, would there be a Red Goddess if there had been no God
>>Learners? If there had been no Gbaji?
>Yes to both. She wouldn't have the same mythology as a result
>but she would still exist. The God Learners and Gbaji are not
>essential components of the Red Goddess just as much as the
>French Revolution is not essential to the Russian Revolution.

Your answer is non-sequitor. I think, at the very least, Gbaji *was* essential to the RG because/since Nysalor was essential to Gbaji. I'm not saying the RG is Gbaji, simply that Gbaji's existence is a prerequisite for the existence of the RG. I don't know if GLism is a pre-requisite for her existence. David C. expounded that he didn't think that GLism made many inroads into Peloria, thus its impact on the creation of the RG was nil.

Clay Luther

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