High Holy Days

From: Hasni Mubarak <richo_at_epix.net>
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 05:51:05 -0400

> Frankly, I have always been a bit baffled by these. Why should one holy
> day HAVE to be bigger than any other? In the real world, what is the
> Christian HHD? Easter? Pretty central to the main theme of the religion.
> Christmas? We get more time off work & school (in North America, anyway),
> so it must be most important. But counting Lent, Good Friday, and Easter
> Sunday, Easter is longer. So, which is THE HHD?

Well, as an ex-acolyte (alter boy), I am under the impression that Easter would be our "High Holy Day". However, I do not think that you CAN say that all Gloranthan religions have ONE day. Look at the calendar and Sacred Time. A couple religions span the WHOLE Sacred Time, a few repeat within Sacret Time, etc. I think you can rationalize that any "uniformity" that is found is either a) Due to Godlerner dickering with the universe or b) a simplified way to make the game work. Pretty much you have to choose a day that your PC's are going to get their free POW-check, and it's better to be consistant than have them whining about how despotic and unfair you are. (That's the generic YOU, not the specific YOU, of course. Never heard ANYBODY say you weren't fair.)

Anyhow, that's my take. BTW, just to get away from ducks and drudge up an old topic, I do like the idea of allowing a chance for "one-use" divine magic to come back. Usually based on the number of successes in Cult Skills during the HHD or alternativly, Sacred Time. If you wanna be stingy, require specials. (I think that's what I did. I should find out, just on the off chance that another year rolls around.)

Here is another completely different question. I have been running one campaign for, gosh, about two years now. However, I think that we have only progressed about a year in game time. (We play once or twice a month) In this time, I don't have one PC with enough Divine to qualify for Rune Status, much less have the skills necc. (Most are Humakti, btw. Nobody has an easy acolyte status.) I'm not going to ask if I'm going to slow since it's a pace we've been happy with and have had fun with, but I was just wondering how other campaigns are paced. Are we the exception, the average, or uh..the other exception :-) ?

Rich Ohlson

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