Re: The Glorantha Digest V5 #243

From: Jason Bennett <>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 09:35:23 -0500

> There is one part of Pavis I would like to see redone, though, and that is the cradle scenario. I don't know
> about you guys, but I have **never** succeeded in working a party up to a level where I felt they could play
> a meaningful part. And I was never prepared to run it as a one-off, because that way I would lose the
> chance of working it into my campaign! Now, in my twilight years, I am beginning to come around to the
> idea of running it as a one off... the thought of building a giant model cradle.
> Cheers
> Bill McKinley

Here here! I agree. Fortunately, I was part of a group that became strong enough to play in this adventure and it was a blast. We played the adventure in RQ2 rules and it was so much fun. For the battle, my GM either came up with or found rule for drifting. That means that during the fight we'd drift around so we just couldn't set our back to something. It was a little more bookkeeping but the extra excitement and realism was more than worth it. If we wanted to remain stationary, we had to devote a portion of our attack to doing so. AWESOME. I played a Humakti Runepriest and we won! At the end of the adventure, down where the River emptied into the sea, we learned that the gold glow was...oops...I guess you'll just have to wait your turn.

Anyway, in RQ2, at least the way we played it, while you had to wait a week to check for skill improvements in most skills, you did not have to wait to check for an increase in Defense. You checked those immediately after combat and you could get multiple checks for Defense, max 1 per opponent. For those who don't know what Defense is (I don't know if the skill is also in RQ3), Defense is sort of your combat moves skill. You subtract it from your opponent's (or opponents' if you are fighting more than 1 person and wish to split the skill) attack skill, thereby reducing the chance of a hit or a special hit. At the start of the Cradle adventure, my defense was 40% (very high, I know, but I'd been lucky generating my character and in subsequent rolls). At the end of the adventure, with all the checks I got to make (and there were plenty), it had risen to 70%! Ah...those were the days.

I've rambled and reminisced enough. Bye all.


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