Re: Back digests and board games

From: Jonathan Coxhead <>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 10:19:53 +0000

| David Dunham (and several others) pointed me in the direction of WB&RM/Dragon
| Pass for Orlanthi head hunters. Thanks - don't I just wish I'd bought it when
| it was in print! Anyone know what the going rate is (in the unlikely event
| anyone puts a copy up for sale)?

   Both _Dragon_Pass_ and _Nomad_Gods_ are currently available from Chaosium: _Dragon_Pass_ under the name _La_Guerre_des_Heros_, _Nomad_Gods_ as _Dieux_Nomades_. The only disadvantage is that the map and rules are in French, but this is copable with: Chaosium will also send you a copy of the English rules, from which the French ones were translated.

   Both are well worth it---_Dieux_Nomades_, in particular, has lots of counters for things that were not in the original game (never reprinted), e g, the Parts of the Bull (each one sovereign against a different Part of the Devil), Condor (the fourth in the Three Feathered Rivals trilogy), etc. _La_Guerre_des_Heros_ is exactly the same as _Dragon_Pass_ (which was a substantially revised reprint of _White_Bear,_Red_Moon_, of course), as far as I can see. I just got mine yesterday, sad Glorantha Boardgame fan that I am, and I really enjoyed looking over the board going 'Cap des Canards'--- yep, 'Solitude'---yep, 'La Temple de la Lune Montante'---yep etc.

   The games are published in France. If you don't see the point in getting them shipped over the Atlantic and then shipped back to you again, just over the channel, you can order them direct from

      132 Rue de Marly
      57158 Montigny-les-Metz
      00333 87639669 (from U K)

They don't take credit cards, so you have to pay with cash or Eurocheque, and I don't remember prices (around 25hp each, though) [1hp = 1hectopenny = 1pound] so you might have to exercise your O-level French to give them a ring and ask how much they want.

   In this case, you'll still need rules translations from Chaosium, though (unless your French is substantially better than mine ...).

| It just goes to show how hard it is to keep yourself abreast of things
| Gloranthan!

   I agree! Well worth it, though---in the first game of Nomad Gods I played, the Watchdog of Corflu appeared in Corflu, Thed went mad in Pimpers Block, and the Impala Riders won!! You can't beat it.



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