reprinting the old stuff

From: Ian Thomson <>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 15:27:56 +0000

Its all sitting there, all ready to go!

Who owns it? Issaries?

If Runequest is still selling, surely if they published a combined new book, featuring all the extra stuff not yet republished

ie Borderlands, the Cradle adventure and the Rubble adventures

and called it

"Adventures in Prax"

it would surely sell well

and if there's a problem with personpower, surely any number of fans would help out free of charge to get these things back in print

the publisher would get loads of cash and the fans would be happy

Is this too easy, am I just being naeve? How do you spell naieve, thats always been a tricky one!

Now I actually had Griffin Mountain and didn't like it, and sold it without copying it. Yes, tantamount to blasphemy I guess, but it takes all sorts dunnit

Ooh whilst I remember, I REMEMBER SCREEN TEST de nun du nunna du nun du nun etc etc :)

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