Re: Elephants

From: TTrotsky <>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 1998 13:23:17 EDT

<< Where are there elephants in Glorantha? We know the Kivitti (elephant  hsunchen) used to live in Ralios, but they are now presumed extinct. Martin  Crim proposed elephants in Teshnos.>>

      I have to say, I agree with him. Asiatic elephants, preferably, not the African sort.  

 <<I have conceived of the desire to have elephants in Umathela (presumably the shade-loving Asiatic variety, given the forests). >>

      Sandy previously posted a long list of Pamaltelan animals to the Digest, some of which were very elephant-like. Mammoths, gomphotheres and deinotheres, for example, were all mentioned. So I don't think its too great a stretch to add true elephants to that list. But deinotheres would be happy enough in shaded forest I should think, so personally I'd stick with them. They look very like elephants, except that their tusks curve down and backwards - its believed they used them to scrape the bark off trees. There were a number of species of deinothere in the RW, the largest of which stood 4m at the shoulder - - for comparison, an African elephant is generally less than 3.5m. I have submitted some stats for this and other Pamaltelan beasties to Tradetalk, but I'm sure you can make up your own rather than wait for issue #7 :-)

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