Malkioni Illuminates

From: Lord Julian <>
Date: Tue, 12 May 1998 04:00:17 -0400

From: Julian Lord

'Hibbs Simon': =

>>How do these interesting ideas fit in with gloranthan
>>illumination? Do you think that a chaotic can be a
>>worshipper of the Invisible God, for instance?

>They're called Borists.

Hmf. My question was badly put. =

Really: Is Saintliness different from or the same as either Enlightenment or Illumination or both? If it is different, in which ways is it different? Would a Saintly chaotic be thought of in orthodox (there's that word again!) malkionism as being primarily Saintly or primarily Chaotic? Or, are Saintliness and Chaos mutually exclusive? (Borists apart.)
Also: What is the difference between Holiness and Saintliness in Glorantha?

PS There can, I think, be living Saints, as the Apostles certainly were in RW, at least when filled with the Holy Spirit. So I'm not sure that the boddhisatva(sp?) analogy is quite true for Malkionism. Could be wrong?=

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