Vinga and hair dye

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 21:53:59 -0000

Gary R Switzer asks:
> What do naturally red-headed Orlanthi women do, bleach or dye their
> hair to avoid being confused with their Vingan sisters?

The only documented case I know of is Griselda. Who has red hair, as we know. Oliver tells me (and everyone else, in at least one story) that while some Pavis inhabitants assume that she must be a Vingan, in fact she isn't anything of the kind.

(Didn't one of the very early Zero stories include a red-haired female Humakti?)

I would guess that in "standard" Orlanthi society, most women rarely meet people they don't already know. So the chances of being mistaken, by a stranger, for a Vingan purely on hair colour are quite low.

And Andrew points out that:
> KoS has The mother of Heort being a Vingan and a Red women (p90)
> suggesting Vingans can have children

Well, yes. They can. Like we've been saying, they gain the blessing of infertility for as long as they want it. But, naturally, if they want children then they'll retire from fighting for the length of the pregnancy at least: the two just aren't compatible. This isn't particularly common, and for a Red Woman to retire and produce children is vanishingly rare. Hence, such a child is obviously special and destined for greatness.

Jane Williams

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