Followup to Interregnum

From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000 14:11:27 +0100

As an addendum to my post "Interregnum", please note:

I said that in Martin Laurie's version, it appeared that

> (D) Opposition to the new Mask once he appears is, ipso facto, treachery.

This would also be true in my account. The difference is, in my account the new Mask does not appear until the *end* of the interregnum; in Martin's version, it appears that he is in there fighting, already recognisable as "Fully Takenegi and Truly Moonson", without any plausible (or well-intentioned) Lunar opposition to his claim being possible.

If you've (innocently or otherwise) backed the wrong claimant throughout the interregnum, you may well find yourself driven into open rebellion *after* the new Mask appears. There is, as I mentioned in an earlier post (V7 #581, Alex on Succession), no reason whatsoever why the acclamation of the new Mask in Glamour should immediately clear up all the loose ends around the succession crisis. It merely makes it clear that Moonson is Back. ("And he's Mad...")

At this point, rivals' ambitions change: "I may not be Moonson, but I'm still backed by my loyal men of the Third Furthest Foot... aren't I?" :-(

Just to clear up that potential misunderstanding.

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