Re: Why cats?

Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 16:10:35 EDT

Mark Galeotti:

<< As more of a dog-person myself,>>

     You'll like the Sairdites, then - that's the dog land of Glorantha.

<< I've been wondering what it is about Orlanthi and cats. When was the last
time you
 came across a cat who appreciated wind, storm and rain? >>

     Despite the connections with storm, I don't think the alynxes like being rained on all that much. Yinkin isn't Umath's son, after all...

     And Van cats (from Turkey) just *love* getting wet, BTW.

<< Is it just mythic coincidence that Yinkin links into the Orlanthi
pantheon? >>

     Yinkin's mum is Kerofin (who's Orlanth's mum as well, of course), which explains why alynxes first appeared in Dragon Pass/Kerofinela. Whether that's a coincidence or not likely depends on who you ask. Bobcats, incidentally, hail from Fronela, and have quite a different origin - Gloranthan phylogeny isn't at all like its RW equivalent! Indeed, bobcats and alynxes don't get on at all well, as the ancestor of each regards the other as a false usurper who's just *pretending* to be a proper cat.

<< Biological coincidence that large cats are a primary predator in Sartar
and thus useful allies/vessels? >>

     That would be the materialist/Malkioni explanation. Of course, as mentioned above, the Malkioni know that alynxes are just Fake Bobcats...

<< Or primal coincidence - do I remember hearing that Greg is more keen on
cats and dogs?>>

     I'm pretty sure that he does, so that's likely the 'real' reason that the Heortlings are cat people. I don't think Greg likes goats much, either (how could anybody not like goats? I mean, really!) but what he really hates are racoons, which I guess means the Vanchites are definitely meant to be baddies.

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