Planets and Moons

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 21:15:45 GMT

Alex Ferguson

AF>>>(IIRC, according to one definition Shargash is a 'moon', but
>>>Entekos is a 'planet', just to add some further confusion.)

Me>> The other way around, I think. Moons are feminine while planets
>>are masculine.

>As I say, according to one, and definitely not the only definition...

It is the only Greggly definition that I've seen concerning the difference between planets and moons (whether this definition is still or ever was correct is another question entirely).

>The distinction I had in mind was according to sunpath vs. southpath.
>(I can't actually recall the source for or basis of this, it must be
>said, but it lodges in my brain nonetheless...)

It's in the Glorantha Intro but no reference to moon is made therein.

::The Southpath planets are different from the Sunpath in a
::significant way. The Sunpath are celestial bodies which travel
::into the Underworld. The Southpath bodies are underworld bodies
::which travel into the Upperworld.

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