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From: Meirion Hopkins <>
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2000 12:53:36 +0100

> David
> Nandan initiates are considered in all ways as women (and they wear
> women's clothing). Presumably they shave all facial hair.

Or they loose the ability to grow it as part of the initiation/devotion or when they gain the cult secret.

If they can birth do the loose their male genitalia and gain female? What about nursing a baby?

> Peter Metcalfe
> He's the
> model for those men who want to be women (ie transsexual rather
> than homosexuals or merely doing women's work). Only the most
> powerful devotees are able to have children AFAIK.


> Alex
> That's right, or specifically that's his 'greater magic', as Greg
> (I think it was, or perhaps Robin?) put it, his lesser magic being
> to 'allow' a man to lie with another man, as if he were a woman.
> (No tittering in the back of the class, small boys!)

How about:

Affinity: Transsexuality (Enhance Own Femininity, Lie With Man, Suppress Own Masculinity)

Secret: Conception (Pretty self explanatory!)

> Alex
> Socially, Nandans are males who adopt the female, Ernalda life-path,
> to a high degree, just how high being a function in some way of their
> magical commitment, I would think. Pretty much completely, if they've
> actually 'mothered' a child, IMO.

Perhaps initiates still have male physiology, but are able to temporarily switch gender through the use magic.

Devotees start becoming more feminine - breast growth starts, beard growth is reduced, hips widen, male genitalia is reduced.

When the cult secret is learnt, the devotee becomes a woman and looses all male characteristics and they are able to conceive as normal.


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #5

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