Nandan & Urox

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000 13:36:15 +0300 (EET DST)

Somebody suggested that perhaps violently crazy Urox has also gentler sides in his charming personality. (Yeah right...) Indeed, I quite liked the idea Nandan and Urox having had relationship with each other.

In Anaxials Roster it is said p.139:
"Urox and Eiritha conceived first minotaurs after a quarrel. Each took a human
lover with the intent of begetting an avenger..."

Possibility remains that Storm Bull's lover was Nandan the Birthing Man. I Imagine that angry, jealous, vengeful Urox could have found understanding, compassion and pay back suitable for him in Nandan's soft, feminine but manly embrace. And Nandan would have agreed to help Urox to father an avenger, but in a very Ernaldan way he would have prevented intended violence-option taking place because there was once again another way...

"Eiritha and Urox sent their avengers against each other, but the two met and
became partners instead of foes. Urox and Eiritha went to see the product of their revenge and found lovers instead, and this ended their quarrel."

Could it be that minotaurs are nandanic by nature? I always visualize them as males (though there are also cows). And could it be, that these big agressive beastmen were actually excellent midwives sometimes sought by daring humans?

What do you people think?

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