Western HeroQuests

From: Frederic Ferro <ferro_at_princeton.edu>
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2000 00:22:57 +0200

on 9/28/00 11:54 AM, Nils Weinander <nils_w_at_yahoo.com> spake thus:
> Hrestol has similarities both to Christ and the martyred
> saints.

Malkion is Moses at first in the Kingdom of Logic then Jesus while Hrestol the First Knight is St Peter, Joseph of Arimathia and the King Arthur at the same time.

But then what could be the Holy Grail in Glorantha? We need a very ambivalent item which would have symbolic associations in many different cultures of the West. It could be a Truestone crystal from Hrelar Amali (spelling?) which would be considered as a relic of Malkion's Blood or as a Metaphorical Key to Solace.


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