Gods and Truth

From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_bigfoot.com>
Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 12:00:40 +1300

Peter Larsen:

> >[The Umbarites] weren't suppressed by any "authority". They
> >were violently overthrown in a civil war by a Yelmic movement
> >known as "The New Light".

> OK, I'll try again. I'm sorry if you feel you've answered this, but
>I really don't get it. I assume both sides in the above conflict called on
>Yelm for guidance and support. I also assume both sides got it (i.e their
>Sunspears and Divinations kept coming). What would a neutral Yelm
>worshipper make of this? Obviously, if they both have divine support, Yelm
>doesn't care or hasn't noticed.

Not so. Both sides can conclude that each other has deceived or enslaved Yelm in some way, making them heretics of the worst sort. The best example of this is how the Orlanthi explain away their god's support for the EWF: Orlanth is beguiled by Arangorf the Inner Dragon until Alakoring frees him.

>So why should they fight?

For rival Yelmi? The answer is simple: there can only be one Emperor following our true path of Yelm. The Malkioni fight for similar reasons while the Orlanthi fight against anything that tampers with their freedoms (New Gods worshipped by us are spiritually liberating - Weird Gods worshipped by the people of the next valley are evil spawn of the Emperor seeking to enslave us).

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