Re: Gloranthan reality, and the need for answers

Date: Fri, 6 Oct 2000 08:56:58 +0100

>The heartstone had been sucking in every soul that had died
>in the area for the last thousand years, and when it all
>went up, the energy released was enough for a Gloranthan
>A-bomb. Except that energy was lifeforce and Will, with no
>guiding mind. I need to understand the gameworld so I can
>deduce what happens.

I think you're asking too much. You're well beyond the boundaries of anything that has been published, and even if there had been a snipped published that might give you an insight into your situation, it would most likely have been written from the perspective of "what will make this scenario work", not "what's the underlying Gloranthan principle here".

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