Re: Another Form of Heresy!

From: Michael Beggs <>
Date: Fri, 06 Oct 2000 08:23:09 GMT

Personally I think Hendrix's post is one of the most interesting and important made to the Digest in quite a while. It may seem highly unlikely to many that HW would convert to the D20 system so soon after release, but there may be parallels with Last Unicorn’s Dune RPG. I am not completely sure of what occurred (so correct me if I’m wrong) but didn’t this (extremely well received) game only see a limited release because Last Unicorn was swallowed up by the WotC Headhanger. Word is that Dune will soon reappear in its new ‘unlimited’ D20 form. Why am I getting visions of The Stepford Wives here?

I am no great fan of the HW system (getting a very late draft of the excellent Dragon Pass/Pavis centred RQ IV rules just prior to getting my deluxe HW didn’t help), but I am still so glad to see some new Gloranthan material. Given my dislike of HW mechanics I guess I shouldn’t be too concerned about the ‘D20 threat’, but I would far rather see HW develop and prosper the way it is, flaws and all.

This may all come to nothing, but one word of caution: watch what happens with Call of Cthulhu. I’d be willing to bet that if a D20 sourcebook appears for that system then wholesale conversion is on the way – not just for CoC itself, but for all Chaosium related titles.

Michael Beggs

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