Re: Another Form of Heresy!

From: Tim Ellis <>
Date: Sun, 8 Oct 2000 21:24:10 +0100

In message Another Form of Heresy!, Michael Beggs writes
>This may all come to nothing, but one word of caution: watch what happens
>with Call of Cthulhu. Id be willing to bet that if a D20 sourcebook appears
>for that system then wholesale conversion is on the way not just for CoC
>itself, but for all Chaosium related titles.

Watching what happens with Elric! might be a better pointer, since that has had a d20 version announced. Now if it doesn't sell (sufficiently) it might suggest that there is little mileage in doing a d20 Glorantha either. Alternatively If It sells well enough that Chaosium can produce new Eternal Champion material then the format of that material will be a clear indication of the possible futures (all d20, Split d20/original system, all original system)
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