From: Stephen Tempest <>
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 00:52:57 GMT

>|Very few Rufelza, Hwarin is a small cult, but certainly
>7Ms and the other Lunar classic cults, the rest seems about right.

>Jeff later says:
>Hwarin Dalthippa is also widely worshipped.
>I'll let the two of you fight it out...

My impression is that Hwarin Dalthippa is going to be a very powerful cult in Sylila and Jillaro itself, but almost unknown in the rest of the Lunar Empire. She teaches the "secrets of conquest" that allowed the rulers of Sylila to acquire and maintain their dominance over the Lunar Provinces like Tarsh. That does imply that worship of the Conquering Daughter will be an official, state-sponsored kind of thing in the region, and only important members of the ruling class will be eligible for full membership in the cult. However, benefits for the ordinary people would include use of the roads she built, and perhaps a ritual share of the Matrimonial Tribute she forced the Provinces to pay to Sylila. I imagine that the collection and payment of this tribute would be seen as a function of the cult (although they'd probably need military escorts), and the ceremony at which it was handed over could be one of Jillaro's major religious/political festivals. Sharing some of this largesse with the people, for example by holding a big feast with food from each Province as the climax of the ceremony, would be an excellent way for Sylila's rulers to curry favour with the mob at somebody else's expense...


End of The Glorantha Digest V8 #185

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