RE: The Glorantha Digest V8 #220

From: Coridan <>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 04:18:51 -0000

> Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001 09:25:53 EST
> From:
> Subject: Rufelza
> Hello Friends,
> Me:
> >> Rufelza was created by Teelo Estara in 1247. So why is she the daughter
> >> of Glorantha and Wakboth (Glorantha is transzended, Wakboth is
> destroyed
> >> by then)?
> Nick:
> > The Seven Mothers resurrected the Red Goddess, they didn't create her.
> Teele Estara, the living Goddess, that was brought to life in 1220 by the
> Seven Mothers, disappeared in 1247 to become Rufelza. So Rufelza,
> a mask of
> Sedenya, was created in time, and canīt be the child of Glorantha and
> Wakboth.
> Cheers
> Andre

And it is stated Lunar doctrine that Sedenya is but a mask of Rufelza, who was born when Glorantha was raped by Wakboth upon the destruction of the spike. Of course, any Lunar Illuminant knows all of these mysteries to be true, regardless of contradiction.

I'll track down the page reference in HW:AIG which states that the Red Goddess was born of the rape of Glorantha by Wakboth. I'm sure this Orlanthi style doctrine is passed off on thus bumpkins from Syllia and Tarsh, anyway.

Regardless, the kin connection via Ragnaglar means that Rufelza is related to Old King Storm by blood, and mythically, he may not harm her for fear of causing kinstrife and allowing Chaos back into the world. Invincible Orlanth's greatest strength has been twisted into his most dire weakness. Only when King Storm accepts his sister as his Queen and calms himself, and bends knee before his rightful lord and ruler Yelm, will the perfection and peace of the God's age return.

All hail Illuminated Orlanth, brother of the Red Moon!

Chris Bell

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