From: Peter Nordstrand <doctorpeace_at_yahoo.se>
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2001 15:34:25 +0100 (CET)

Peter Metcalfe:
>> There's other ways to control something in glorantha other than the RQ
>> dominate spell. Besides the dragonewts that fight for the Empire would
>> be beaked which aren't all that magically powerful.

Olli Kantola:
> I didn't say POWerful. HW says on beaked ones:
"Dragon Magic 10W, Dragonic
> Philosophy 15W"... They are magically powerful. Any
magic that was based on
> dragonic secrets of the EWF has vanished from the
minds of their inventors
> long
> ago. It could be that there is some rite that
compels the 'newts to deal with
> the lunars, because it is their duty to do so, but I
think that this is just
> the sort of dragonic secrets that vanished with EWF.

I don't get it. Why assume that the dragonewts are 'controlled' at all? Is there actually ANY evidence that these beings act in a coherent logical western way, instead of in a mystical trancended way 'beyond human understanding'? And as soon as you think you understand their reasoning, they seem to do something completely unexpected.

I strongly doubt that anybody can tell why dragonewts do what they do.

Q: Why did the dragonewts help the Lunars sack Boldhome?

Sartarite A: *spit* These creatures have no sense of moral. Sartar made a deal with them when Boldhome was built, but they broke the agreement. Bah! Never trust dragonkind.

Lunar A: When we asked them to ally with us, they demanded three corns of maize, two tons of pack-ice, and an Erigian Pidgeon as payment. Can you imagine transporting all that ice from the White Sea to Dragon Pass?

Dragonewt A: Oumm

/Peter Nordstrand

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