Re: secret of Secret Way Day?/Issaries worship

From: Mark Galeotti <>
Date: Mon, 26 Feb 2001 17:31:00 -0000

Mike Dawson wrote:

interesting and thought-provoking stuff about Issaries and his Holy Day.

I dare say ST will give us the Truth about this stuff, but in the meantime, I feel there would probably be a difference between the Secret Way Day, which is about Issaries in his psychopomp/pathfinder role compared with his other, commercial days. On Secret Way Day, his worshippers - and Lightbringer worshippers in general - remember and relive his part bringing back Life to the world.

On the other hand, he is also invoked on market days. Probably different clans or regions hae particular market days which are particularly special to them, depending on local circumstance (when a mountain pass opens after winter to allow the traders through, maybe, or after harvest). Those special days are probably more like you describe, with an inclusive (good point, that, Mike!) mundane/Godsplane market opening up.

> What merchant would want to hold a market where the only
> people who show up are the most accomplished bargainers you'll
> ever run across?

Another good point. Technically Issaries is the god of fair deals, but even so there might be rituals to attract the especially wealthy and gullible!

However, I'd add that devotees of Issaries could also use the opportunity not just to offer their wares to non-Issaries heroquesters and the like, but also visit other trader gods' markets: Etyries, for example. Issaries is, after all, also a travelling god.

Just a few thoughts,


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