Re: Ernalda The Sensualist

From: John Hughes <>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 14:55:32 +1000

Thanks MOB, for those intimate details on the Demivierge of Rhigos. It looks like the article will be much anticipated. Will TOTRM post out in a plain brown paper cover? AND WHO IS DOING THE ILLOS? :)

Jeff and I wrote concerning Niskis:

> >A woman (even a married one) may dally with such a man,

And Greg gave useful feedback - thanks. 'May' was definitely the wrong word here, 'might' is better - we don't want to suggest the laws of marriage don't apply. its interesting that your comments suggest a 'devil made me do it' escape clause. (I have wistful visions of young Orlanthi hanging out on the sacred dance area on a Windsday night, [just before the DJ plays Khe Sahn] hoping to be 'possessed' by the spirit of Niskis.)

> And how comes no one has mentioned Yinkin?

Slinky Yinky did get a mention, though we're all waiting for the unexpurgated ST version.

John John Hughes

"I like to think that the moon is there even if  I am not looking at it."
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