Tradetalk # 8

From: Ingo Tschinke <>
Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2001 15:06:12 +0100

Hi friends

after a lot of delays with Tradetalk # 8 - the Pavis and Big Rubble issue - (I'm very sorry about this problems), it seems that I can deliver this issue soon.

Everyone of you who want to make their subscription now or want to order old issues (Tradetalk # 2 to 7 are still available - 6 & 7 are nearly sold out) should do so soon.

For information about Tradetalk take a look at at Tradetalk. We will have an overview about Tradetalk on our own website soon at If you want information about Tradetalk send a email to

A subscription of five issues Tradetalk cost only US$ 20 (postage included) and Ye Booke of Teantcles - the Masks of Pavis - only US$ 12.

You can make orders now via credit card (Eurocard, Mastercard, VISA, Amercian Express and Diners Club are all accepted). Send you credit card # and expiry date of its via snail mail to: Ingo Tschinke, Schevemoorer Landstr. 33, 28325 Bremen, Germany.

Make orders soon. send your order to

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