Re: Logicians

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 05:49:01 EST

Jerome Blondel:

<< If the Invisible God is akin to Plato & Aristotle's philosophical concepts i'm sure that the Brithinous students at Sog City could recognise him as well (though the real Brithini won't).>>

       The Brithini do acknowledge the existence of God, they just regard it as an impersonal force rather than a personal entity. For the Brithini (and most of the USC schools of thought) the Darkness was caused when Malkion became too human, incorporated Error and Limitation into his being, and was thereby destroyed by his enemies. This was the Fifth Action, which the Brithini see as destruction and the mainstream Malkioni see as sacrifice. Greg did a talk on this topic at Convulsion '98, IIRC.  

<< I see your point and agree from a mainstream Malkion PoV. But the Brithini don't believe this. They didn't believe Malkion when he said that the changes Glorantha underwent induced new postulates. >>

    From their POV, the fact that he was destroyed proved them right. Zzabur went on to save the world and end the Darkness, thus further proving the superiority of Brithini ways.


     The schools of philosophy at USC ultimately claim descent from the eight ancient styles of magic practised in the Kingdom of Logic, AFAIK. In most cases, this is no longer terribly accurate, of course. But they're generally atheist (in the Gloranthan/RW medieval sense of not worshipping, rather than the 21st C 'God does not exist' sense).

<<what is the legal punishment for such ravings in Loskalm? >>

      Its an offence under the recusancy laws. If you do quietly on your own, they'll try to change your mind, but the only punishment is that you stop receiving the protection of your community (which is usually bad enough for most Gloranthans). If you go round preaching, you'll face legal retribution, and if you do it for long enough, you get exiled - go back to Sog City where you belong!  

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