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From: John Hughes <>
Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 09:12:54 +1000

Stephen Royle:

> If somebody under the influence of the berserk spell accidently kills a
> fellow clan member, would they have committed a crime, if so what would
> normal punishment be.
> If they have not committed a crime, why not?

IMG, yes, most certainly. Uroxi and humakti cultists are responsible before the law, same as everyone else. In humakt's case, it is not the bloodline brought before the courts, but the local cult itself. The final paragraph of Thunder Rebels, page 36 provides details. 'No one is immune: animals, dead ancestors and even storms can be bought to court, for justice is part of the Sacred Order.'

Kinslaying is the most heinous crime imaginable to Heortlings, a crack in the Sacred Order. I don't believe that conveniently going into a frenzy to cover your guilt will work. Even if it happened in extraordinary circumstances, there will be court proceeding and much shame - the person will lose their status and the trust of the clan.

Given the long experience Heortlings have had with such cults (and with tricksters!), they know that prevention is better than cure in such cases, which means restrictions on where dangerous cults can live (Humakt and probably Uroxi lodges are build 'beyond the circle of kin' - TR 118) where they can go and where they must surrender their weapons. This will be reflected in tribal law and custom

There were sections in the draft law chapter of Thunder Rebels that reflected this- like many things, they were edited out because of space restrictions. Your clan law code may well include such injunctions as the following (though costings may well vary):

(lawyer types may note a certain circularity in the above two laws)

Of course, no one can make you do anything. But to be counted as a member of society, you must be prepared to fix your mistakes, as Orlanth did.

There's a lot of room for campaign variation of course. Hope this is of some help.


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