Re: Ralios Orlanthi

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2001 00:58:54 +0000

Jonas Schiott

Good story.


> they're not officially mentioned either. But hey, if so many of us
> believe in them, they surely must exist!

I'll join that campaign.

>> Theist sun worship as a result of their role in the wars 
>> against the Pelorian horse lords, or even prior to
>> contact with the council?

> They themselves (and other ralians) probably believe the later.
> But published sources (can't remember which ones at the moment)
> suggest the former.

I hope you won't hold my Rise of Ralios background notes up to back me...

>> No Orlanthi sun, or Ehilm as Orlanthi sun?

> I think they know of the sun as Ehilm, but don't worship him.
> This is because they had no history of sun-worship previous to
> the identification of him as the Emperor.

Hmm. We're talking about late Vingkotling Age, Greater Darkness and Gray Age, not exactly the period to be a successful sun worshipper.

>> The Korioni were a separate tribe from the Vustri, one of the 
>> tribes that remained true to the Enerali ways. Their name lives 
>> on in Otkorion, Naskorion, Surkorion.

> [...]
>> The Korioni still were part of the Dari Alliance in the early 
>> stages of the God Project, but they appear as Orlanthi by the 
>> time Arkat had overcome the Tanisorans.

> Right. I wonder when that conversion happened?

I guess it was in process during this timespan.

>> The Vustri were less numerous, living in quite hostile terrain
>> east of Vesmonstran. They received no coverage in the Genertela 
>> Book, but I'm sure they exist as fairly savage Orlanthi.

> Maybe, but if they're not the ancestors of the Lanksti, who are?

The Councilic settlers who replaced them and the Zebra hsunchen from northwestern Ralios?

>>> What I'm fuzzy on is how this "Narnarra the Greater" person 
>>> fits in.

> [...]

>> Identifying her with the successful missionary in East Ralios >> makes sense.

> But then again... as David has pointed out to me in private
> e-mail, all the other 'prizes' (Yelm, Arkat, Sheng) are
> non-orlanthi.

Not exactly true in the case of Arkat - hadn't he changed to Humakt already at the time of his imprisonment?

> And they all turn out to be a mixed blessing sooner or later.
> So there's still some room for doubt. All we really know is
> that she's useful in fighting both Arkati and God Learners.

She could have been a EWF entity, or a renegade God Learner as well.

As a non-Orlanthi missionary she wouldn't make much sense, would she?

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