Re: The Glorantha Digest V8 #382

From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Wed, 02 May 2001 09:06:30 -0000


>If Flesh Man went hell alive, perhaps his act turned Ikadz from being
>purely purifier of the dead into the torturer of the living too...

I don't know whether Ikadz is featured in Orlanthi mythology (under a name or another). I read the Carmanians have their own suit of Lightbringers but it's been a while they've been a bit old-fashioned now that the Red Goddess has ascended into the sky. I don't know who they are.

> > Go to hell alive. I suppose not many people will volunteer to do
> > that quest but i really like the way you put it.
>Volunteers' pals promise to do Chalana Arroy to motivate candidate.
>Othervice who would do such a thing? (a non-draconewt, that is)

Well, a real brave hero who's willing to sacrifice for the welfare of his tribe (or maybe the guy in the clan who draws the green apple out of the barrel) (or a player who's fed up with his character).

> > I also suppose that with appropriate magical circumstances
> > it could happen to anyone ... <snip>
>Those circumstances being when horrible wars are waged everywhere?

Uh, probably. In any case i suppose (and hope) Storm Tribe will give a little more clues about Flesh Man's nature and the Lightbringers as a whole in the 'new' Heortling mythology.


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